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  Technology Director/MYP Technology:  Mr Jonathan Smith   Network Manager:  Mr Tithira Gunasekera

  Computer Technician:   Mr Rohitha Koralagamage                HP Support Engineer:   Mr Dithika Jayakody

  Technology Support Assistant:   Ms Shanthi Goonetilleke       MYP Technology:   Ms Maria Jose Mora




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MYP Technology Overview

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     Welcome!  Here at the Overseas School of Colombo, we believe that we are preparing students for the 21st century, where the world is our classroom and technology is the tool that our students use to access it. The technology program at OSC provides and encourages an atmosphere for life-long learning both within the department and across the school as a whole.

     More than simply helping students and staff become competent using technology, the larger goal of the department is to help students and teachers become discerning, compassionate and responsible users of constantly evolving technologies. These abilities raise their awareness of the responsibilities that they face as aware, respectful, and honest global citizens, and the influence they can have on technology issues in both the local and global community.

     OSC firmly believes that technology should be used to enhance student learning, to increase the effectiveness of its teachers, and to improve communication within the school and global communities.  The technology department works collaboratively with all faculty and staff to ensure school-wide consistency in the use of technology as an integral part of our total instructional program.

      Through our Technology courses, we encourage our students to develop problem-solving skills and technology-specific skills through units of work that have practical real-world outcomes. Students are being encouraged to look at technology and its development through the different lenses of the Areas of Interaction to raise their awareness of the responsibilities that they face as global citizens and the influence they can have on technology issues.  The teaching of technology at OSC addresses information, materials, and systems (the three branches of MYP Technology).  Learning is underpinned by the following fundamental concepts of the MYP:  holistic learning, intercultural awareness, and communication. Click here for a concise overview of MYP Technology written for those who may be new to the International Baccalaureate program. 



     OSC is well-equipped with the latest computer technology.  Every instructional space is equipped with at least one PC and ceiling-mounted multimedia projector.  Each student in Grade 5 and up has an OSC email and network account, including his/her own data storage area accessible anywhere on campus.  Students and staff have access to the high-speed network and internet and high-capacity printers from many places on campus.  All teaching faculty have a laptop.

     Our technical team maintains several servers and three computer labs on campus containing up-to-date PC desktops.  Students and staff have access to a vast array of software and technology tools.  The libraries are equipped with laptops, and the primary school enjoys the use of a mobile laptop cart.  Additionally, the Secondary Learning Resource Center has a wide array of equipment for general checkout.

     The entire OSC campus is currently wireless accessible.



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